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As I make my way around Oregon’s new Sixth Congressional District, I’m frequently reminded of why I decided to run for this position in the first place.

I talk to people and I hear their concerns. They tell me almost every day about the things that keep them up at night. Most of those include the images we’ve grown far too used to the past couple of years like empty shelves at grocery stores. Even when those essential food items are available and in stock, they’re becoming more expensive by the day.

They tell me they’re nervous every time the cost of gas goes up, because it means they’re paying more to drive to their jobs. High energy costs are also a cause for concern among those who use gas to heat their homes. They wonder what next winter will look like, and if they’ll be able to afford to be comfortable and warm in their living rooms and bedrooms.

All of this has been a reminder of one of my core values. I believe strongly in the American Dream. And I believe that the American way of life, for each and every one of our citizens, is non-negotiable.

We’ve seen various deliberate distortions over the years about what the American Dream means and is supposed to be. Some people think that the American Dream is to be a billionaire, but it is not.

The American Dream is simply that you have the opportunity to have a better life than your parents did. And, more importantly, that your children have the chance at a better life than you did.

The American Way of Life includes that sense of upward mobility, in which somebody grows up not having much and is able to achieve their wildest dreams in their adulthood.

Throughout the last year and a half of the Biden administration, we have seen the erosion of both the American Dream and the American way of life. We’ve seen our international prestige plummet through disastrous foreign policy decisions and policies that leave the world a much more dangerous place. We’ve all had our pocketbooks hit hard by soaring energy prices that could have been avoided through the energy independence we enjoyed a few short years ago under President Trump.

It’s difficult to imagine your children having a better life than you did when you’re struggling to put food on the table or gas in the tank. It’s hard to plan for the future when your cost of living rises so dramatically and your bills go up every month.

What keeps me going is the fact that much of this is fixable. All we need is the right leadership with the right vision and priorities to bring us back to a position in which the American Dream and our way of life are still within reach for the average American.

We deserve better than to settle for less, which is exactly what this administration wants us to do.

As your next member of Congress, I will fight fiercely for what I believe in. That includes your ability to make a living and have your family’s needs met. I stand strongly in support of the American Dream and the American way of life and intend to defend both of them.

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